How it all started…

Jan 7, 2021 | 0 comments

I live in a small country at the end of the world.

The only thing we know about  Dubrovnik that it is, a beautiful city, a pearl of the Mediterranean.

Millions of tourists visit us. For majority of them, anything older than 100 years is a miracle.This can mostly be said about Americans.


You probably have not heard of our capital called Zagreb. It has a little more than a million inhabitants and a peculiar mayor who came from a small village in the neighbouring state. He is so obsessed with constructing fountains that people call him Miky Fontana.

He has been in the post for almost 20 years, so you can imagine what his rule looks like. For example, some parts of the city still have no access to water supply and sewage system.

Employees in kindergartens are on strike because they receive no salaries, no snacks for the children, and he carries on building fountains.

The strangest thing here is that the citizens do not see the link between constructing fountains (which are not useful) and the lack of money for some  useful purposes (building new kindergartens, schools, hospitals).

Once, as I passed by these fountains, I wondered if there were some genius Sim City-type games that teach people that if you do not have a hunt for fountains for kindergartens.

It occurred to me that it would be wonderful in my country, the former Socialist Republic, where 50 years ago we were convinced that we had nothing to think about, that for all of this party, it would be wonderful to allow people to have games in which they can understand the connection decision about spending common money, get interested in for economics, budding, participative economy, and so on.

The activist in me continued to explore the possibilities of developing such a game, but this activist was quickly accompanied by the entrepreneur in me.

In recent years, Dubrovnik hosted a number of successful movie- and commercial-making industry brands ranging from the Games of Thrones and Robin Hood, to Coca Cola and Mercedes. It is difficult that one of those who keep up to it misses to walk one of the most famous streets in the world.

If all those brands have already found their interests in the real-life Dubrovnik, they might also see their interestsin Sim City Dubrovnik.

Coca Cola may not hang its advertisements on the actual walls, but it can put them up anywhere in the game.

You will say, but the number of players in this type of game is dropping down and for years no one has come. Exactly, you’re right. Did you wonder why?

Did you know that Sim City and all its versions use only one and the same city development matrix originating from the 70s, which cannot be applied anywhere in the world?

What do you think of the first ”city game“ without skyscrapers, which will instantly enable you to manage the city, face contemporary problems and introduce modern ways of solving them?

This game, as well as any other, needs to include reality to become interesting again. The graphics encourage vision, but do not stimulate the brain. And the graphics are the aspect that received the most investment in recent years, while the resolution and challenges remained more or less the same.

When we are already building all this powerful 3D graphics of Dubrovnik, we could easily have a smart guide tourist app.

So, when you arrive in Dubrovnik, turn on My Dubrovnik App and take the recommended tours, visit each of the monuments that the fine-tuned GPS takes you to and make sure that the voice support is activated and providing all the necessary information about the monument, building or tourist attraction that located before you.

Maybe one day you will not have to come to Dubrovnik to experience it, but the augmented realitythat we will develop in My Dubrovnik may be enough.

My Dubrovnik is not just a game, it is a realistic experience taken to a brand new level.

I hope we will meet in this reality.