How it Works

In this short video you can see what would be the obligations and problems you would face as the mayor of Dubrovnik.

You will meet some of the most famous historical figures of Dubrovnik who will help you with your everyday challenges as a mayor.

Marin Getaldić  

Marin Getaldić was born in Dubrovnik back in 1568 and his most famous invention is the parabolic mirror.

With the help of a famous Dubrovnik mathematician and physicist, you will learn a lot about the rich history of Dubrovnik and the various rules, customs, and amenities they nurtured.


Cvijeta Zuzorić  

Cvijeta as a real renaissance woman who was born in Dubrovnik and who spent most of her fun life socializing with various artists and scientists on her property near Dubrovnik will teach you a lot about Dubrovnik traditional dishes, wedding customs, and those associated with the feast of St. Blaise. 


Ruđer Bošković 


With the most famous Dubrovnik scientist, it will be easy for you to fulfill all your tasks. Apart from being an exceptional scientist ahead of his time, Bošković was also a top diplomat who was admitted to the royal society. Ruđer will help you with the arrival of the royal family and you will organize an exhibition of all his works in his honor.


Marin Držić



Although one of the most respected Croatian writers, Držić has struggled with financial problems all his life, so it will not be of much help to you in terms of budget, but he will help you organize cultural events in the city and will also share some interesting stories with you. Play MyDubrovnik and find out if Držić likes Daniel Day-Lewis as Hamlet?

Miho Pracat


 Miho was known as a great philanthropist, an excellent sailor, a banker, and a shipbuilder. he built a great fortune on his own, which he eventually left for charity. He was so respected and loved by all the people of Dubrovnik that he was the only citizen who was erected a monument to him by the Republic of Dubrovnik. Miho will help you with helpful tips regarding spies, restoring towers, and how to deal with other logistic problems.