My Dubrovnik Game

My Dubrovnik is a unique video game that combines elements of city manager and historical discovery. We invite you to the beautiful world of the old town of Dubrovnik, its streets, monuments and magnificent views. We want you as mayors to show us how this amazing city has to be run, to enjoy it and to discover the enchanting historical stories hidden within the game.

Realistic view of Dubrovnik city!


The game features a realistic model of the old town of Dubrovnik. As you move through the game, you will feel as if you are visiting a real Dubrovnik. Our phenomenal 3D modellers build a model of the real city of Dubrovnik, and minimally modified to make it passable for the game. All important points of Dubrovnik have been preserved and through the game we enable you to find out information about key monuments, so at the end of the game you will have the feeling that you have already visited Dubrovnik. So for example when you get to Orlando’s Column, you will find out that in the Middle Ages fairs were held in that square around him and that his hand, more precisely the part from elbow to toe, was used as a measure of length. It has a length of 52.1 cm. You will find out for example how the people of Dubrovnik kept gunpowder in the Rector’s Palace until it exploded and caught fire for the third time, although it was extremely dangerous, because gunpowder in the Middle Ages was a very valuable commodity that was kept as gold. You will also find out where the secret passage under Stradun that connected the female and male monastery was located.

My Dubrovnik is the very first game where you have the opportunity to manage a real old city, we build a stylized model of the city of Dubrovnik and all-important visual points of Dubrovnik have been preserved.

My Dubrovnik is a simulation game that offers a wide array of challenges in managing virtual Dubrovnik city, which is similar to those in real life where the most important aspect is to keep both citizens and tourists happy, which is not easy since their interests are mainly opposite.

In the My Dubrovnik game, you are learning interesting facts about its history while you are meeting its most important historical figures. While moving towards higher levels you will have the opportunity to learn something about Ruđer Bošković, Miho Pracat, Marin Getaldić, and others.

Become a mayor!

You have the opportunity to manage the city in a way that will make citizens and tourists happy. Their interests will not always be the same, sometimes citizens will be angry about the decisions you will make as mayor in favour of tourists. But you, as a true mayor, will know how to make decisions that will balance those interests and ensure the prosperity of the city. You will also meet the old mayor who brought the city and its inhabitants to the brink of despair with reckless and bad decisions. But we won’t bother you much with the old mayor, we’ll only mention him as much as it takes to make some mistakes never happen again.

Get to know the history of Dubrovnik and some it’s important history figures

In addition to a number of very realistic challenges that correspond to the real challenges faced by a city, you will also come across some surprises that will remind you, and sometimes take you back to the glorious history of this ancient city like time capsules, medallions and city keys.
You will meet Miho Pracat the only man to which Dubrovnik Republic ever put up a statue because of his care for the community and persistence in hard work. After he lost his wealth twice, he was watching a lizard climbing the wall. It fell twice, but tried again… and succeeded. That little creature gave him the strength to try again. And he made it!  After the third attempt, Miho Pracat became the richest citizen of Dubrovnik in the long history of that Republic, and after his death he shared all his wealth for charitable purposes and bequeathed it to the Republic of Dubrovnik.
Numerous anecdotes about his resourcefulness are known. So he once found himself in Africa in an area where there were big problems due to numerous mice. Miho Pracat returned to his native Dubrovnik, loaded a ship full of cats, drove it back to Africa and sold it well.

Manage Your Dubrovnik as best as possible

Dubrovnik and the history of this beautiful city for centuries inspire everyone who visits it, through the MyDubrovnik game you will be able to feel the atmosphere and become a part of it.